FCT Double Block and Bleed Valve


Double Block and Bleed

Double Block and Bleed Ball Valves are aimed to get get a double barrier on the piping, and bleed the fluid trapped between the two balls from a dedicated drain line. 


- Forging Body  

- Trunnion or Floating type

- anti blow-out stem and typically SPE seat design. 

- Drain port is normally provided with a floating ball valve

- Locking device

- Emergency stem seal injection;

- Emergency seats sealant injection;

- Weld overlay (316 or Inconel 625) on dynamic sealing areas or in all wetted parts

Product Range :

Size: NPS 2"-40" , DN50-1000 

Pressure: Class 150-1500 LB ,  PN 10 ~ 250

END Connection: Flange , BW 

Design Standard: API 6D , ASME B 16.34

Face to Face Dimension : Manufacturing’s Standard

Connection Dimensions: ASME B 16.5 , ASME B 16.47 ,  ASME B 16.25 

Body Material: Forged Carbon Steel , Forged  Stainless Steel 

Operated Way: Lever, Gear, Pneumatic, Electric, etc