FCT Pressure Seal Tilting Disc Check Valve


Pressure Seal Tilting Disc CHECK VALVE

The Tilting Disc Check Valve is also called equilibrated disc non return valve and it is coupled with on-off valves in high pressure lines to protect the system from the fluid reversing flow when regular flow is stopped .


-Tilting Disc type with Pressure Seal Bonnet , Forged bonnet

- Disc is quipped with a dome to balance the weight

- Spring-assisted closure to avoid slamming

- Entire seat-hinge-pin-disc assembly can be tested outside the valve before seal welding into the body

-Eliminates pin seal leakage

-Non slamming Disc 

-Long service life as the disc’s return to closed positon does not cause a sudden violent hit against the seat . 

-Cast body construction and forged body construction are both available 

Production Range:

Size: NPS 2”~ 24” , DN50 ~ DN600

Pressure: Class 600-2500 LB ,  PN 100 ~ 420

END Connection: Flange , BW 

Design Standard: API 6D , ASME B16.34 

Face to Face Dimension : ASME B16.10

Connection Dimensions: ASME B 16.5 , ASME B16.47 , ASME B16.25

Body Material: Carbon Steel , Alloy Steel , Special Alloy