FCT Recoil High Performance Non Slam Check Valve (Reflux Check Valve)



 FCT Recoil High Performance Non Slam Check Valve (Reflux Check Valve) is commonly known as Check valve and Non Return Valve (NRV). Water tends to flow from higher pressure to lower pressure. Mains pressure is kept higher to suffice water distribution in a house. Sometimes mains pressure is reduced due to need of water in fire fighting.     


-Fast acting , multi-door or single door , recoil swing check valve . 

-Multi doors for DN600 and up , available in 2 doors ,4 doors & 6 doors

-Single door for size less than DN600

-Split Body , Tilting Disc

-With position indicator as well as adjustable Counterweight

-With Lifting Ring and Standing Leg

-High-strength Hinge SHAFT

-Non slam operation

-Non slam operation

-No additional damping required 

-Epoxy coating inside and outside 

-Metal seated valve with gunmetal faced doors

-Ideal for systems in which rapid flow reversal exists ,Suitable for both potable water and waste water applications .

Production Range:

Size: DN300~ DN1800 

Pressure: CLASS150~CLASS300,PN6~PN63   ,1500kPa ~ 8500 kPa

END Connection: Flange 

Design :  ASME B16.34  ,BS1868,  DIN

Face to Face Dimension: ASME B16.10. DIN EN 558-1 or acc. to customer’s request

Connecting Dimensions.: ASME B16.5(for NPS≤24);ASME B16.47(for NPS>24); API 605, AWWA C207, DIN EN 1092-1 or acc. to customer’s request